Sleep Disorders: Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for Better Sleep by SoulFood Talks

Sleep Disorders: Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for Better Sleep

This program is a short & simple method to help prepare your body and brain to enter the 4th Yogic state of sleep - Deep, dreamless sleep. Learn how you could sleep better and shorter from doing just a few minutes of preparation. 

Stress is Rampant Today

In all parts of the world, we are more stressed out than ever, often resulting in sleepless nights. Or, if we do fall asleep, we may toss and turn because our parasympathetic nervous system is running at full speed...even during sleep. 

Yoga Balances the Brain Before Sleep

Doing this simple routine of preparation, yoga moves and meditation helps balance both spheres of the brain, allowing you to fall asleep easier and reach the dreamless state of the deepest sleep state. 

Travel-Releated Stress

This program has a profound impact on jet lag and other travel-related stressors. If you travel overseas or spend a lot of nights away from home, in airports and hotels, doing this routine can have a very positive impact on the imbalances created from life on the road. 
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What's Included:

  • 15-minute video explaining the Kundalini Yogic approach to deep sleep. 
  • Before-bed regimine to help prepare the body to reach the deep sleep state. 
  • 3 simple yoga movements to do before bed
  • Shabd Kriya to balance both hemispheres of the brain before sleep


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Himat Singh Dayvault

Your teacher for this course is a 30-year Kundalini Yoga practitioner and is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher. He also performs a high level of bodywork from his home in Aspen, Colorado that employs many of the principals from his Yoga practice. 

With both the yoga and the body work, Himat has helped many overcome body aches and pains as well as the the dilemma of sleepless nights. 
Order Now! $7.95


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Kundalini Yoga for Deep Sleep State
Kundalini Deep Sleep Routine
16 mins
Sleep Kriya PDF Download
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