Concussion & Brain Trauma Therapy with Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Sample Exercise
Concussion Promo for Yoga Therapy for Head Injuries
3 mins
Bear Grip Exercise Preview
2 mins
Welcome to the Kriya Method for Concussions & Brain Injuries
3 mins
Concussion Introduction - Why Yoga?
11 mins
Yoga Explanations for Head Trauma
15 mins
Do What You Can But Don't Push It!
2 mins
1 min
Kriya Section (Yoga & Meditation)
Kriya With Narration & Instructions
26 mins
Kriya with Music - No Narration
26 mins
Kirtan Kriya - MRI-Proven Effective
15 mins
Download PDFs
Yoga & Meditation White Paper
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Basic Spinal Energizer Series PDF
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Kirtan Kriya PDF
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