Concussion & Brain Trauma Therapy with Kundalini Yoga & Meditation by SoulFood Talks

Concussion & Brain Trauma Therapy with Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Kriya Method for Brain Trauma and Concussions

This powerful combination of Kundalini Yoga and two specific meditations has been MRI-Proven to work instantly to stimulate areas of the brain affected by injury or concussion. 

Childhood Brain Trauma

Daniel Amen, M.D. - one of the nation's premier brain trauma specialists says he wouldn't suggest any child even bounce a soccer ball off their heads. Our developing brain tissue is that sensitive. Yet, every year, thousands of kids suffer sports or injury-related brain injuries that medical science has no way of treating. 

No Pill; No Knife

Medical science will tell you two things if you go in with head trauma. Rest and give it time. If you have excessive dizziness, they might image you but nowdays only rarely. 

MRI-Proven Effective!

In just 45-minutes, this powerful combination of Kundalini Yoga plus two powerful Meditations can activate dormant areas of the brain, thus increasing blood flow and encouraging faster rebuilding of damaged brain tissue. 

What's Included:

  • Yoga Introduction - specifically for head and neck trauma and concussions. 
  • Overview - of Kundlanini Yoga from Himat to help you understand the purposes of the various exercises and systems. 
  • Kriya - the 25-minute Basic Spinal Energizer Series plus the Sat Kriya with Himat's explanation and instruction for each exercise
  • Follow Along - the same 25-minute series with only music so you can follow along
  • Kirtan Kriya - the foundational exercise of the system that generates MRI-proven immediate results. 
  • White Paper - the scientific report from Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. outlining the process and results of the MRI testing showing immediate results. 
  • Instructional PDF - of the Basic Spinal Energizer Series with pictures and text for each of the exercises. 
  • Instructional PDF - with pictures and descriptions for the Kirtan Kriya. 
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Few Minutes Each Day

If you will commit to doing this routine for 30 straight days, you should notice significant improvements in: Reduced headache, greater awareness, increased memory function, and more! 

Compare Costs...

An ER visit for head trauma without an MRI could cost well over $2,500. Plus...they have no solution! They may likely tell you to rest and see another doctor in a few weeks.

In today's high-deductible world, doesn't it make more sense to learn and implement a daily routine that has been proven to stimulate dormant areas of the brain, sending vital blood flow to heal damaged tissue?

$2,500 (no solution) vs. $29 (solution)
 Is this even a choice?

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Who Would Benefit?

People who are beginning to show signs of memory loss, or symptoms of early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Individuals having suffered a concussion or any brain trauma event, i.e. PTSD

Participated in contact sports such as football, soccer etc. that involved repeated blows to the head

People who wish to function at a higher level of brain activity

Anyone who spends the majority of their day working on a computer and needs greater focus and concentration to process the flow of information.

Everyone who desires to feel better now, and stay better later.

Course Contents:

Video Icon 10 videos File Icon 3 files
Sample Exercise
Concussion Promo for Yoga Therapy for Head Injuries
3 mins
Bear Grip Exercise Preview
2 mins
Welcome to the Kriya Method for Concussions & Brain Injuries
3 mins
Concussion Introduction - Why Yoga?
11 mins
Yoga Explanations for Head Trauma
15 mins
Do What You Can But Don't Push It!
2 mins
1 min
Kriya Section (Yoga & Meditation)
Kriya With Narration & Instructions
26 mins
Kriya with Music - No Narration
26 mins
Kirtan Kriya - MRI-Proven Effective
15 mins
Download PDFs
Yoga & Meditation White Paper
2.74 MB
Basic Spinal Energizer Series PDF
4.51 MB
Kirtan Kriya PDF
728 KB

Kirtan Kriya Benefits

Activates significant areas of the brain
Improves cerebral blood flow
Replenishes vital neurotransmitters and brain chemicals
Decreases inflammation in brain tissue
Improves sleep quality
Reduces stress
Reverses memory loss; slows the progression of Alzheimer’s disease
Increases energy levels in mind and body
Improves psychological and spiritual wellbeing
No negative side effects 

Your Teacher - Himat Singh Dayvault

Himat Singh Dayvault (Mark Dayvault) is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and has practiced Kundalini Yoga for three decades. He experienced a dramatic turn-around from its powerful therapies following divorce and job-loss. Himat attributes Kundalini's concentration on activating the spine and unleashing the dormant Kundalini energy to his awakening and his amazing life today. 

Himat lives in Aspen, Colorado where he enjoys a full plethora of outdoor activities. He also provides private clients with Body Work developed by Mark Lamb which combines with energy and deep tissue therapy to release muscular blocks that traditional massage won't. 
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