Astrology Life Purpose - Nodes & More Reading with Thomas Miller by SoulFood Talks

Astrology Life Purpose - Nodes & More Reading with Thomas Miller

  • Soul / Karmic Purpose – North & South Nodes of the Moon
  • Overview of Planets & Transits 
  • Know Your Life Purpose From Your Birth Chart
  •  This is the “Starting Point” then you can build on from here if you’d like 
  • You will receive email instructions after purchase how to send your birth information. 
  • Reading turn-around is generally 2-3 weeks. 

Nodes of the Moon

The Nodes of the Moon are some of the most valuable and special parts of astrology. The story of our soul’s karmic past is woven within the South Node. 
Suggestions of where to focus in this lifetime are embedded within the North Node. 
In this recorded reading, Thomas will unlock the meaning of the Nodes based on what sign and house they are in, where their rulers are, and how they are aspected. This is a “Blueprint Story” of your soul’s journey based on this incredibly accurate ancient system. 

Intro Videos - Downloadable After Purchase

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Intro Videos & Resources!

03 - Pluto Saturn.mp4
9 mins
02 - Nodes of the Moon Intro.mp4
17 mins
04 - Thomas Saturn Example.mp4
13 mins
01 - Introduction to chart reading.mp4
33 mins
05 - Astrology Resources & Intro.mp4
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