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1.5 Hour Astrology Reading with Thomas + Bonus Steve Forrest Sky Within Free!

A 1-Hr. Zoom Session with Thomas + a BONUS "Sky Within" Report by Steve Forrest FREE! 
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Jobs List by Astrological Sign

List of job suggestions by astrological sign accumulated by Thomas Miller from various sources. PDF Download
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Destiny Cards & Astro Reports Bundle!

Get Steven Forrest's "Sky Within" + Your Destiny Card Lifetime Report + Destiny Card Yearly Report!
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Sky Within by Steven Forrest Astrology Report

Get Steve Forrest's insightful and fun astrology report for your natal birth chart! 
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Destiny Card Life Report

Get an overview of your life themes, patterns, and purposes via this amazing ancient system that uses cards & planets for amazing insight!
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Destiny Card Yearly Report - Birthday-to-Birthday

This amazing system dating back to ancient Egypt uses a deck of playing cards that will blow you away for what it shows for the year ahead!
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2020-2021 Election & Inauguration Astrology

2020-2024 Astrological Overview

FREE - 51-minute overview of 2020-2024 key astrological dates + PDF

Kundalini AM Workout, Spotify Playlist, Chai Tea Recipe

Himat's AM Kundalini routine and Chai Tea recipe & my Spotify Yoga Playlist