Live 1-Hr Astrology & Guides Reading w/ Thomas & Majona by SoulFood Talks

Live 1-Hr Astrology & Guides Reading w/ Thomas & Majona

This is a live via Zoom or phone call reading with Thomas and Majona using all aspects of your astrology chart and thru Majona, often guides or loved ones will appear with messages from the non-physical realm. 
This is a very intuitive, powerful tool to gain insight on any current questions, issues or problems in your life now. 

Mind-Blowing Reading!

This is like no other reading you've experienced. Combining Thomas Miller's "Fun Astrology" style of intuitive soul-map astrology reading with Majona's psychic perceptions, it is not at all unusual (but not guaranteed) that your guides or loved ones will join the session with very relevant and valuable insights for you! 
We don't guarantee simply because of authenticity. If they don't show up, we don't make it up. What you will be guaranteed is a purely authentic reading based on the combined skills of two people who love to help others on their journey. 

The astrology reading will encompass the full spectrum of astrology, including different house system perspectives, transits, and progressions. Generally, as Thomas is narrating about the chart, your guides or loved ones join thru Majona. At that point, she begins transmitting the information. 

The results have truly been life changing. 
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