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Featured: Enlightened Tots Meditations

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Comprehensive Deep Dive Session with Majona

View course $258

Couple's Life Journey Session

View course $194

1 Hour Soul Team Connection with Cards

View course $130

1.5 Hour Astrology Reading with Thomas + Bonus Steve Forrest Sky Within Free!

A 1-Hr. Zoom Session with Thomas + a BONUS "Sky Within" Report by Steve Forrest FREE! 
View product $179.95


View product $423.54


View product $183.05

Subtle Energy Module For Developing Psychic Kids

View product $37.90

Meet Your Angel Meditation

View product Free

Waterfall Meditation

View product Free

White Light Meditation

View product Free

Enlightened Tots Meditations

View product $10.35

2020-2021 Election & Inauguration Astrology

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2020-2024 Astrological Overview

FREE - 51-minute overview of 2020-2024 key astrological dates + PDF
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Kundalini AM Workout, Spotify Playlist, Chai Tea Recipe

Himat's AM Kundalini routine and Chai Tea recipe & my Spotify Yoga Playlist
View product Free

Jobs List by Astrological Sign

List of job suggestions by astrological sign accumulated by Thomas Miller from various sources. PDF Download
View product $7.95

Sky Within by Steven Forrest Astrology Report

Get Steve Forrest's insightful and fun astrology report for your natal birth chart! 
View product $24.95

Destiny Card Yearly Report - Birthday-to-Birthday

This amazing system dating back to ancient Egypt uses a deck of playing cards that will blow you away for what it shows for the year ahead!
View product $24.95

Destiny Card Life Report

Get an overview of your life themes, patterns, and purposes via this amazing ancient system that uses cards & planets for amazing insight!
View product $24.95

Destiny Cards & Astro Reports Bundle!

Get Steven Forrest's "Sky Within" + Your Destiny Card Lifetime Report + Destiny Card Yearly Report!
View bundle $47.95

Concussion & Brain Trauma Therapy with Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Himat Singh Dayvault, a Kundalini Yoga Instructor with 30 years of Yoga experience teaches you how to heal from head injuries & brain trauma
View course $29

Sleep Disorders: Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for Better Sleep

This quick 15-minute program helps your body prepare for the deep sleep state of our most restful and rejuvenating sleep. 
View course $14.97

Gift Certificate for a Couple's Life Journey Session

View product $194

Gift Certificate for a Comprehensive Deep Dive

View product $258

Gift Certificate: 1 Hour Soul Team Connection with Cards

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FREE Download: Saturn/Pluto 2020 Special Video!

Learn about the upcoming Mega-Conjunction that has created massive changes in the past. 
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View product $146.44

Audiobooks Narrated by Thomas Miller

Check out some samples of the over 30 audiobooks narrated by Thomas Miller and available on Audible.com and Apple Books!
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Akashic Records Email List

Sign Up for the Akashic Records Reading Rollout
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I just had a reading (Deep Dive Session) with Majona which was phenomenal by the way! I highly recommend it. Best reading I’ve ever gotten. I did my homework beforehand and picked three areas in my life I wanted answers on.  I put out clear intentions to my soul team and they showed up through Majona. I ended up canceling a past life regression, and booking with Majona instead. I’m so happy I did that. God had a different plan for me.
                                                         Petrine from Vancouver, British Columbia

I love the way you setup astrology as a set of guideposts and indicators to work with, rather than a rigid dictum, and also how you profess the ultimate power of choice.
                                                                        Joshua from Austin, TX

Majona, thank you for the incredibly thorough Deep Dive reading last night! My brain is still reeling from the insights, validations, guidance on current situations and my potential future growth opportunities. You put my mind at ease on several concerns, but more importantly, you gave me the assurance that I am on the right path and my desires will be coming to fruition. “Have patience, but don’t lose your enthusiasm!” Thank you!
                                                                          Shirley from Indiana

Thank you so much, Thomas Miller, for a fascinating 20- min Destiny Card Audio Reading today which put me right back on track and on course!! (Massive sigh of relief).
                                                                        Corinna from Germany

Thomas & Majona

Soul mates on a soul journey bringing over 50 years of combined education and broadcast media production and distribution to create life-changing, soul-guiding materials to help you live the very best life possible. 
"Crepes for your Soul"